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I am so grateful to be able to bring the knowledge of Ayurveda to my clients. It is a gift to witness your journey and to be able to support you as you make healthy lifestyle changes. Thank you for providing others with these beautiful testimonials so they too can be inspired to live a life of health and balance!

Congratulate yourself for taking care of YOU. If you take care of yourself first, you're able to take care of others!
Ayurveda has been a life saver...
I had no idea what Ayurveda was but I was ready for a radical change in my life and in my health. My massage therapist recommended I work with Christina at SimpleVeda.

When I started this process I was ready to surrender to anyone and anything that could help me. Western medicine had never helped me and I would never agree to taking medication for what I was certain was going to be a life-threatening chronic illness if I didn't address it immediately. I had been sick to my stomach every day of my life. I was sleeping 12 hours every night and taking 2-3 hour naps during the day. My thoughts were muddled and unclear. I was horribly depressed. I could not hike anymore- my heart and knees couldn't take it. I was at the highest weight I had ever carried. I tried Jenny Craig and Weight Watcher without success. I can be a very disciplined person but I could not get my weight under control and I could not figure out why. I even spent almost $1,000 on a gym membership at a hospital which included work with a nutritionist and I still could not get anywhere. It was a complete waste of money.

I felt like an undisciplined, complaining lazy failure when it turned out that I simply needed an approach that was tailor-made for my body. And that's what I got with Ayurveda. Finally! Someone who listened to my complaints and believed me. Finally! Someone who had more than one solution to my problem. Finally! Someone who wasn't going to give up on me and judge me as 'less than' if I followed her every instruction and still came up short.

After a little more than seven months I lost 35 pounds, began running and started a new job. My thinking was more clear and I had energy without being 'overly' energized.

For me, Ayurveda has been a life-saver and an enigma. It has saved and challenged me. I have done it perfectly and I have done it horribly. I have had both great success and sad failure with it. Regardless, I always learn more about my body, my needs, my life and my Self. Ayurveda changes WITH me. Ayurveda always challenges me. And, Ayurveda always shows me that life is more than what is going on today or what I did in the past or what I hope to do in the future. Ayurveda is about peace and self-care in the moment.

I look forward to seeing Christina. I always gain wisdom and encouragement from our time together. I know that she is thinking of me between our sessions and I gain comfort from that.

I think from the outside I still may appear to be a hot mess (LOL!) but, on the inside I am a completely different person. More awake. More aware. More alive.

-Stephanie Timko

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