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I am so grateful to be able to bring the knowledge of Ayurveda to my clients. It is a gift to witness your journey and to be able to support you as you make healthy lifestyle changes. Thank you for providing others with these beautiful testimonials so they too can be inspired to live a life of health and balance!

Congratulate yourself for taking care of YOU. If you take care of yourself first, you're able to take care of others!
"I've learned to garner patience and more importantly, love for myself!"
When I first started this Ayurvedic lifestyle, I was a frantic, monkey-minded person. I didn't feel safe and felt angst about everything from my workday to worldly events…and, most of the things causing me angst, I didn't even have control over…that is except to keep my mind spinning worrying about them.

Along with a monkey brain, my digestion was sporadic and uncomfortable. Initially, in the beginning of this practice, I had to eat grounding, heavy foods to bring me back down to earth. That fact, at first, was a disappointment as I gained some weight, which we all know is hard to shed—even with the help of hot Bikram Yoga!

I've been practicing an Ayurvedic lifestyle for almost a year now. While all my excess weight is not yet shed, I feel progress every week as evidenced in slightly looser clothes. More importantly, I feel safe, secure, grounded, and less frantic and anxious.

I've gotten deeper into the practice with daily rituals for cleansing and nourishing the body as well as with meditation, positive affirmations, and quieting my mind.

I've learned to garner patience and, more importantly, love for myself. I truly have come to believe that mySelf and my body are not defective, and that I am perfect because I am part of the Divine, and it is a part of me. Who knows how many more diets I would have tried, how much more sleep I would have lost, how much more uncomfortable I would have been had I kept on the course in which I was headed. While I still have some personal issues I am working on, I know that utilizing this age-old wisdom has led me towards the salvation of love for Self, compassion for others, and a quiet gratitude that I have never felt in my life before this point…not to mention I get to eat ghee! GEE!

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